EzeeCreate uses FTP server,industry’s standard safeguard mechanisms for ensuring proper confidentiality of the personal information of their users. We, here at EzeeCreate, do not provide in guarantee for the security of your personal information as the information is subject to possible circumvention. The team at EzeeCreate does not give in the assurance that your personal identifiable information with us,will remain confidential under all situations. You should always remember that all the information provided by you has the potential of becoming public. The owner does not guarantees to keep your personal details like your contact number, address and other personalized information secure from other users of websites. All your confidential and private information must be safeguarded at your end.Using anonymous names and identity is what the owner suggests to its clientele’s while using the services of EzeeCreate.

The translation agency uses your personalized information, for providing in various required Services. We use the personalized information submitted by you for quicker and hustle free User Interaction. Your User e-mail id is not used except in the cases of inviting friends or for certain notifications.

The team at EzeeCreate at times may communicate among themselves using translation project pages, without mentioning their email addresses, phone numbers, ICQ, Google Talk or theirPayPal User names.

By using public project boards, EzeeCreate facilitates its members to submit on their translation requests.It should be noted that, information provided by you which is used in the course of providingin services by EzeeCreate or by using any public pages using in the link provided by website is subject to become public and utmost care should be taken while providing in the required information by the clienteles.

EzeeCreate allows its members to search for translation projects by using public project reports, thus facilitating them in searching and finding Service Buyers on the website.

Our privacy policy has a clause of archiving your personalized information in the course of providing you with the required services. Your personalized information will be stored on servers used by us and can be used by third parties too, who have contractual relationships with us and who follow our privacy policy.
The information so archived will not be deleted until your entire account is deleted with EzeeCreate and there can be cases where we store in archived information in back-up files. We do not assure you to provide you with the archived information later in time.

In case we use your personal information, it’s for the purpose of research, auditing and for improvements of services we offer.


We may share your information with other servers, who help us in providing you with the desired services. Our team of Service Providers may have access to your personalized information for business purposes.

The team at EzeeCreate has the authority to use and disclose your information to court orders or other lawful requests or for adherence with applicable laws.The team at EzeeCreate has the authority to use the information, in case they find it necessary to protect our property or interests. This includes disclosing your information with other delegates, government or agents as per our requirement.

In case of any change of ownership of EzeeCreate your user information will be transferred to the hands of new owner(s).

The information which does not have reference to any specific individual, the team at EzeeCreate is free to discloseit, sell it or share it with other parties.

EzeeCreate provides the option to its users to unsubscribe from any promotional emails send by the team. The users just need to select in the unsubscribeoption available on website. For administrational emails and mails regarding the services provided, irrespective of the option opted, the mails will be send.

Our website many contain the links ofmany other websites. The team at EzeeCreate is not at responsibility for the Terms and Conditions and of the privacy policy of other websites.We expect our clienteles to be vigilant enough, every time they use our website and services and to carefully read all the statements.

The users of EzeeCreate have in the option of changing in their personal details any time by logging in their account.It may take some time for updating the information, due to technical issues. The modifications will be upgraded up EzeeCreate and will be used in providing further services. It must be adhered to that provisions of clause 6 will be applicable on modified information indefinitely. Deleted information will also be removed from public view.